Used Forklifts

At Portstar we have a full range of used forklifts that are serviced, checked over and ready to go



As our business has been established for many years we have a good clientele who regularly trade their forklifts in which gives us a good stock. We then service and thoroughly inspect the trade in forklifts before offering them for sale.

Used forklifts generally get snapped up very quickly so it is worth while to contact us and put your name down on our list so when we trade a forklift you are able to be offered the machine.

Often a used forklift need to be stripped down and parts replaced to ensure they are reliable for our clients. As we are professional Forklift repair agents we can do this quickly for our clients.

If you need a used forklift then look no further than Portstar Forklifts in the heart of Auckland city.

Ian and the crew at Portstar would welcome your call for used forklifts, new forklifts, forklift hire and forklift leasing.

Contact us to see the range of new and used forklifts

We have all types of used forklifts such as cummins, nissan, portstar, toyota and so on

Give us a try today by contacting us here

Please note our used forklifts change from week to week so stock listed may not be current

We also have second hand electric forklifts as well as gas, and diesel powered.




Forklifts for Hire

Forklifts for Hire

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